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Home Assessments

Our learning and performance improvement solutions for organizations have proven their effectiveness for more than a million learners across the world. This places us in a unique position where we get a vantage point view of the job roles, processes and results.

Our expertise in performance evaluation and measurement solutions along with our subject matter expertise in domains help organizations create and deliver exam programs that accurately measure the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to measure. We are a reliable partner, who work closely with our clients, to help determine their business requirements, as well as identify the goals of their assessment programs.

C&K Management Ltd has taken this process a step further and affiliated with Sector Skill Councils and also with few State Government bodies as Assessments Partner, and has delivered assessments for 90000+ participants under the NSDC STAR Scheme, PMKVY 1.0 and the current PMKVY 2.0 scheme across India. We have nearly 300 empaneled assessors across varied job roles spread all over India, representing C&K.

Our experienced and dedicated Subject Matter Experts exclusively work on developing Assessments that test the skills required, for a specific job role. We follow recognized industry standards, so organizations can be rest assured that their exam programs are Valid, Sound and Reliable. We have talented technology staff that work exclusively on building software applications and monitoring tools that best serve the needs of our clients. All of our technology features have multiple layers of encryption and protection so clients can rest assured that their intellectual property is never at risk of theft while it is on our systems.

Head of Business

Name: Santosh Anand T

Designation: Deputy General Manager- Assessments

Email: business@tminetwork.com