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Growth and success of an organization lie in how the leader leads the team. Almost 3 decades in Manpower Hiring and Corporate Consulting has engraved Recruitment in the DNA of TMI. Understanding every minute detail of the hiring process for various industries has given TMI the edge to locate the perfect leader for you. Identifying the right leader does not require just innate talent but is built over practice.

TMI’s Executive Search involves two distinct and critical phases in every exercise. The first is largely objective, beginning with the assessment of the candidate and ending with a short list of potential aspirants who match the brief. TMI has observed that as the process proceeds closer to the end of engagement, the exercise turns from being less of science to more of an art, with ‘chemistry’, ‘personality’, ‘values’ and other emotive, abstract and subjective aspects taking precedence. This subjective element of assessing behavioural elements and the fit into a different organisational culture forms the second stage in the Search exercise.

Sample roles TMI Executive Search has closed – Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, CXOs, Business Heads covering functions of Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Manufacturing & Operations, Supply Chain & Procurement, Design & Projects, HR and IT.

The Search team at TMI has the capability to achieve 98%+ success rate in hiring in the last 5 years. Our expertise lies in Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, FMCG, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Service industries.

TMI’s Six Search belief system is what makes us unique in what we bring to your table. Transparent Information Exchange for critical and valuable information for a successful outcome; Customized candidate profiling with minute details in qualification and work experience, combined with a comprehensive SWOT analysis; The “Will Do” Assessment to weigh the elements of personality, culture, values, and emotions; and assess if the candidate will be suitable for the role; Objective tools for a subjective practice to arrive at an objective decision; Art of salary negotiation with first hand market information, candidate aspirations, understanding, and employer limitations; Validation with Reference Checks—the actual capability and fitment to the role and the organization is our Search beliefs and these have helped us bring to our clients the best leaders from the industry.

Head of Business

Name: Prenul Sogani

Designation: Vice President

Email: business@tminetwork.com

Website: http://www.tmiexecutivesearch.com