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TMI’s Large Scale Hiring service primarily focuses on entry level recruitment. We help identify best fit candidates for the jobs based on the job personality and aptitude requirements, identify and meet the training needs to ensure job readiness from Day 1, help companies overcome ‘early stage’ attrition challenges and develop employment models to meet ‘on-demand’ staffing needs.

We offer Pre-Assessed candidates so that you don’t need to worry about investing valuable time on irrelevant profiles, present a motivated candidate pool who, are already primed about the organisation, understand the job role and are enthused about both the organisation and the role and cut the response time to identify the candidate you are looking for.

TMI’s approach in addressing large scale entry level hiring needs is through synchronizing multiple channels like Campus recruitment, Candidate referral schemes, Field Sourcing, Promotional events, Partnerships and tie-ups with Government skilling bodies and our valued partners who are spread across the country and can manage a funnel of 8000+ candidates every month.

TMI has the capability to handle volume requirements of up to a few hundreds on a monthly basis spread across industries like Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Automotive, Insurance and Manufacturing and requirements spanning to some of the remotest locations in the country.

Head of Business

Name: Shashikant Dabral

Designation: Associate Vice President

Email: business@tminetwork.com