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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India are very different than large corporates and so are their manpower challenges. TMI offers MSME hiring through its JobsDialog service arm which understands the unique need of the MSME sector. JobsDialog is India’s first Mobile-based recruitment service developed specially for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), keeping their needs and limitations in mind. Apart from working with clients one-on-one basis to provide suitable candidates for a variety of job roles they have, we conduct job fairs and walk-in drives to serve our employers with bulk job listings.

JobsDialog provides 3 services to cater to MSME Hiring needs. The Direct Hiring where the MSME registers with TMI and avails the hiring services. The e-Van is a joint-initiative of JobsDialog and GHMC to connect the unemployed urban youth of Hyderabad to jobs. Employment Van (eVan) along with Employment Zones introduce Telangana youth to jobs postings in the city, free of cost. E-Van is a mobile vehicle equipped with resources, both technology and manpower, necessary to register job seekers. The van moves around in the Hyderabad city and gathers details of unemployed youth. The registered candidates are asked to visit the nearby Employment Zone. The client management team of E-Van visits Micro enterprises across the city and collate job postings in the city. MSME Job Fairs is another offering by JobsDialog where TMI conducts Job fairs to bridge the gap between educated job seekers and companies with bulk job postings. TMI conducts these fairs partnering with government organisations, universities and public sector units Since its inception in 2014, JobsDialog has connected with 1,700 employers, 2,00,000 candidates and has conducted 6 job fairs in its two years of existence. Some of industries TMI has hired in the MSME sector are Banking, Logistics, Automotive, Agriculture & Related, IT, Construction, Retail, Packaging, Medical Transcription and Education.

What distinguishes us from the conventional recruitment services is our contact centre support to employers and job seekers.

Head of Business

Name: T. Muralidharan

Designation: Head of JobsDialog

Email: business@tminetwork.com

Website: http://jobsdialog.com