White Papers

C&K Management is the technical partner, for developing the e-learning platform for Anganwadi Workers & Supervisors, in partnership with GIZ.
How do you identify & flag initial issues, post joining, at the right time to avoid early attrition?
Evan is an employment-vehicle equipped to aggregate both Demand – Job vacancies as well as supply- candidates looking for employment.
C&K Management Ltd. is the No.1 Assessments Partner for the Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI)
Employee wellbeing increases performance and can be a source of growth, competitive advantage and innovation.
DDUGKY scheme focuses on catering to the occupational aspirations of rural youth and enhancing their skills for wage employment.
An international developmental organization was looking to enable procurement
professionals in its member countries
A whitepaper on our Award-winning work for one of the largest Insurance Companies in India.
A whitepaper on an innovative solution to arrest attrition and boost on-the-job productivity of sales force – Recognized by ASTD
How to hire talent in large numbers when its distributed across multiple locations at low cost-per-hire without comprising quality of hire? – A white paper on multi-location large scale hiring
Why are employers missing out a large pool of talented women professionals back home who are raring to get back to work? – A White Paper on Second Career Internship Programme for Women
Multiple factors play a critical role in hiring the right sales executive. This whitepaper details out why hiring for a sales role is difficult
Corporate e-University – Enormous changes are taking place in every industry with information and services getting delivered virtually. Within a click, competition is at the doorstep. In such a fast-changing scenario, organizations need to change and adapt swiftly to remain viable.
e-Induction Training –  A Progressive Strategy to Retain Results-driven Employees. Does this seem familiar? In a large organization: A new employee has to wait for induction
E-Induction Training – A Progressive Strategy to Retain. Results-driven Employees. Does this seem familiar?