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TMI has been offering Staffing Services from the last 9 years. TMI’s Staffing Services combines its innovative solutions which are backed with the strength of compliance, backend support team and Pan India presence to deliver the best experience for its clients which is reflected in the long association of satisfied clients. A thorough account management with consistent associate connects empowers TMI to offer its staffing services as per the client’s expectations.

TMI’s staffing services covers recruitment, end to end payroll management, on-boarding, data management with reporting and data analytics, compliance adherence & processing along with other value added services like training.

TMI has managed the staffing processes for more than 5000 employees over the last 9 years and has a capacity to manage close to 1000 people every year.

TMI Staffing has an industry strength in Manufacturing, BFSI, Automotive, IT, Retail, e Commerce, FMCG MNC, Payment Solution Providers, Government Associations and the services sector.

TMI Staffing Services’ prowess to attract the self-motivated and ever challenge-hungry candidates for contract staffing has been our core strength. Our staffing practice has a proven track record and is characterised by a robust validation process, drastically reduced Turn-Around Time (TAT) and a professional SLA-Driven Approach. TMI’s consultative approach to improve performance and accountability sharing changes the path TMI takes to the staffing services. The managed services, packaged with the staffing offering, enable the client to share their performance management with TMI. The capability of TMI to monitor, measure and take corrective actions improves the performance of the employees, thereby improving the performance of the organisation. We also provide other value added services like recruitment, consulting & training.

Head of Business

Name: Gurdip Singh

Designation: Sr. Vice President

Email: business@tminetwork.com