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Training is a vital element in developing an individual’s professional & skills to succeed in a business or social environment. Our customers, are Corporates who want to skill their employees with more subject knowledge to improve their performance; Students who want to outshine in this competitive business world and be employable as per industry requirements.

At a corporate level, TMI’s Training services extend into Functional & Product Training – Role Based, Sales Training, Application – Training, Leadership Training, Change management, Behavioral Training, HTD : Hire Train Deploy Model, JOJOE: Jointly owned job oriented Employment. For Students, we offer training in Job Counseling Guidance and Employability Skills.

TMI’s training programs cater to a large audience ranging from Front Line Executives, Customer Service Officers, Middle level and Senior Level Managers, Leadership Team, CSR Skill Development Projects which are focussed in skill development and in the Hire Train Deploy model to Govt Sponsored Schemes like DDUGKY.

As a training organization, our strength lies in

Induction: Job oriented Induction training for new recruits focuses on aligning their skills and knowledge to their job role, enabling them to be job ready from Day 1.

Selling Skills: Our sales trainings are learner centric and activity-based which provides exposure to real-life scenarios. Team Management: Game-based workshop interventions and outbound training programs for new as well as existing managers to build team management skills and handle teams effectively.

Leadership: Programs are generally workshop interventions focusing on the various leadership concepts and practices Customer Service Orientation (CSO): CSO programs help build the required softer skills with the help of role-plays and presentations and enable participants to handle situations effectively on the job.

Behavioral Training : Skill-based behavioral trainings for various roles enable the participants to take up their respective roles with confidence.

Training Methodology (Instructor Lead Training)

Trainer Lead Workshop with

Thought provoking Activities

Role Plays

Individual Presentations

Work Book Activities

Over the last 10 years we have covered most of the industry sectors of Banking, Insurance, Agri, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Automobile, Telecom, IT-ITES and in various modes of training from Online, Instructor led, classroom, outbound Our Training team has a trained more than 50,000 candidates in the single year across industries spread across the country.

Head of Business

Name: Sampath Samudrala

Designation: Vice President

Email: business@tminetwork.com